Cockroach Trapper

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  • Large Reusable Cockroach Trap can easily catch the cockroaches, bugs and other pest rapidly,widely used in home, hotel, hospital and restaurant. Non toxic, no harmful material, safe and environment friendly.
  • Cockroaches like to inhabit in aperture, damp places such as the corner,kitchen,often change the bait and the places for efficient effect.
  • 1. Put a piece of sweet flavor of biscuit bait or other food at bottom lure cockroaches.
  • 2. Cockroach will go through the trap door for the biscuit, then be trapped.
  • They would send a signal to lure more cockroaches in.

  • 3. Before the cockroach die, don’t separate cover and the seat, prevent cockroaches escape.
  • 4. After cleaning the dead cockroach up, clear the machine once again with boiled water,
  • expose to the sun and prepare for the next time.
  • 1. The cockroach love the sesame oil, brown sugar, you can use oil and sugar as bait.
  • 2. Not suggest place the trap to somewhere ants usually appear, because the cockroaches are scare of ants 🙂
  • Material : PP plastic
  • Size : 14*14*4.5cm
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