Wide Base Face Steamer

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GHS 75.00

1. It can replenish the missing face moisture effectively and maintain the balance of moisture on the skin, reduce wrinkles and make the skin soft, damp and elastic.
2. Can erase hair follicles and drain pores, fat, dust etc. Also can kill acnes effectively, prevent and cure acne.
3. Steam opens the soothing pores to help remove dirt, bacteria and makeup remnants, leaves the skin soft and smooth like silk.
4. Promotes face blood circulation and skin metabolism, and make the skin smooth, moist, tender and pink, and may also delay aging skin of the face.
5. Dual conical cover and 2 levels to adjust: wide facial vapor and nasal steam cover, produce different steam flow to meet your different demands.
6. Add spices and essential oils to steam, then you can enjoy sauna aromatherapy at home.

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